Shopping Guide


A guide on how to shop with Game Academia, along with our features & perks.

Before shopping with us, please read our Shopping Policy and Shipping Policy to fully understand our terms of service. Warranty and Exchange Policies are applicable for electronic goods and accessories purchased from us that is listed in the agreement, unless stated in the individual product's description.

By placing and order and making payment, Game Academia understands that you have read and agreed to our policies unconditionally. If you have any questions regarding purchases and shipping, kindly enquire with us at

1. Sign Up for an account

Creating an account in Game Academia helps you track your purchases and rewards you for making purchases.
Currently our Sign-Up button has been removed due to a site setting. In view of this, new patrons can sign-up though this link.





2. Finding your product




3. Placing the Order

Once the order is completed, please proceed to make the payment for us to confirm your order. If you have any enquiries to your order, please e-mail us at


For payment information and details, Please check our Payment Methods. Please be sure to check our Pre-Order Policy.