Exchange Policy

Dear customers, please take some time to read the terms and conditions of Game Academia’s Exchange Policy before making a purchase. This will help you to understand the situations in which our Exchange Policy applies. If the issues faced are not mentioned below, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.


    We provide product exchange service for most electronic hardware and equipment such as game consoles, controllers, headsets and peripherals for purchases made within 6 days for only local customers. If the product is covered by our Exchange Policy, we will have it stated in the product description.

    Conditions for Exchange

      We will accept your product(s) for exchange under the following circumstance(s):

      • Dead on arrival (Eg. No power, unable to turn on)
      • Button defect (Eg. Faulty buttons or analog sticks )
      • Product is faulty (Eg. Auto-Shutdown, display errors that does not include dead pixels)
      • Headset audio problems (Eg. Audible only on one side (Left or Right) of the headset)

      Should the product you receive be defective or dead on arrival, please follow the procedure below:

      1. Conduct a final check on the product to confirm that it is dead or defective, Google or YouTube the issue to find simple solutions that you might have missed out (Eg. Not connected properly, software driver not installed or missed out installation sequences) 

      2. Contact us at to report you issue within the exchange period upon receiving the product and tell us of your situation. We will forward the issue with the manufacturers and send you a checklist to help with the issue. 

      3. After this process, if the product is still defective, we will suggest you to ship the product back to us. Please note that you will have to bear the shipping charges incurred for this shipment.

      4. Once the product has reached us, we will send it to the official service center of the product to check and verify the defect. Official service centers take 2 - 4 weeks to diagnose the product and send us a report of what they have found.

      5. Should the product be deemed defective by the official service center, we will send you an e-mail and ship out a new set to you. The shipping charges for the exchanged set will be borne by Game Academia and the shipping costs that you have previously incurred when sending the defective product over to us, will be rebated to you by a Discount Code to offset your next purchase.

      6. Should the product be deemed in working condition and no defects are found by the official service center, we will send you and e-mail to inform you that the product is working fine and return the set back to you with the diagnostic report. The shipping charges for returning the set will be borne by you and will be shipped to you after you have made the payment.

      Requirements for Exchange

        To proceed with the exchange, please take note of the following:

        • No cosmetic damage on product (Eg. scratches, physical damage, removed parts)
        • Serial number of the product must not be defaced, altered or tempered with in any way.
        • Warranty Seal of the product must not be defaced, altered or tempered with in any way.
        • Product must be returned in the same condition when received, with ALL the accessories, cables and packaging intact.
        • Cosmetic / Physical damage DOES NOT qualify for Exchange or Warranty.
        • Dead Pixels DOES NOT qualify for Exchange or Warranty.

          As you can see, this entire procedure takes a month or more to verify depending on the product. Therefore we heavily stress that you check the product super thoroughly before committing to the exchange. 

          By choosing to shop in Game Academia, you’re in safe hands!

          Game Academia reserves the right to change or amend the Exchange Policy in any way without prior notice.