Shopping Policy

All our products that are up for Pre-Order must be paid in full or partial deposit to confirm your purchase. Please note that no refunds will be given for Pre-orders and purchases if voluntarily cancelled by you before and / or after shipping has been arranged. 


Q: What are the benefits of pre-ordering with Game Academia?
A: The benefits of Pre-Ordering with us is to able to secure your product. Depending on certain pre-orders, you get a price that is cheaper than the official selling price. Pre-Ordering also adds rewards points to your account, that you can redeem for store-wide discount codes.

Q: Are the prices of the products in pre-order final?
A: Prices of pre-orders are finalized unless it is mentioned in the product description. However please note that price adjustments may be done by the product distributor or a different supplier for stocks we purchase, in which case we will follow the adjusted price and update your order's product price as well.

Q: If I would like to make a partial deposit payment for pre-orders, is there a specific amount?
A: Yes. The partial deposit payment amount is $10 for products amounting to $100 and $50 for products amounting to more than $100.

Q: Can I cancel my pre-order that I placed?
We do not accept order cancellations after the Pre-Order Closing Date. After a Pre-Order deposit or full payment has been made, we will be unable to cancel your order with no exceptions.

Q: Can I cancel my order I placed?
If you decide to cancel your order that you have just placed, please inform us before you have made the payment. If you decide to cancel your order after making payment, you cannot cancel your order and Game Academia will not issue a refund as we have already placed your order and committed to it.

Q: Is there a difference if I choose to make a partial deposit payment instead of full payment?
A: Depending on the supply of the product pre-ordered, we will fulfill customers who have made full payment first, followed by customers who have partial deposits paid. The full payment option is beneficial for customers who wish to secure a product that they never want to miss.

Q: What happens if Game Academia is unable to secure my pre-order after I have made payment?
A: In the event where our supply gets reduced by our distributors due to shortage (which is very common in this industry due to overwhelming demand), we will inform you of the pre-order cancellation along with the reason by e-mail and we will refund your pre-order's full payment or partial deposit payment by cash or PayLah / PayNow transfer. Overseas customers will have their PayPal paid invoice refunded directly through Paypal. Unfortunately we will be unable to refund the 5% Paypal Charges implemented by Paypal in any circumstance as it is beyond our control.

Q: What happens when a price drop is initiated during pre-order?
A: As we take pre-orders early, there are chances that we may drop our prices to better suit the market. When this happens all pre-orders will be protected to the lowest price implemented. If you have already made full payment, we will send you a Discount Code for price adjustment. 

 Should you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail us at