Overseas Player's Discord Tournament Guide

Overseas Players regardless of location (unless specified) who are interested to participate in Game Academia's local online shop tournaments are welcomed to do so.

However due to the nature of online tournaments, we will need you to adhere to the terms and conditions so that we are on the same page for your better understanding.

We will also require you to communicate with our players and organizers using the English Language.

Registration fee stated in our event page are all in Singapore Dollars (SGD). Please note that the registration fee does not include the additional 5% Paypal charges, which we will add on to your registration fee. (You can avoid the additional 5% Paypal Charges by choosing to pay by PayLah! / PayNow / Google Pay if your country or bank supports this feature or use Paypal's Friends & Family option)

Please note that the registration fee does not cover shipping costs.
Please note that registration fee is non-refundable. You may however use it as store credit for a purchase if you decide to withdraw.

PayPal Notice: We won't be able to compensate for the 5% Paypal charges as it is a service charge for successful transactions.

The Time and Date stated in our events are all stated in Singapore Time - SGT (GMT+8:00). Please be aware of this so you can plan your schedules accordingly. We also advise our players to be online and active in our Discord Channel 30 minutes before the tournaments start to configure and test your video call connection and adjust settings if needed.

By default, Game Academia uses DHL Express shipping as the safest and fastest international shipping option. Based on your location, shipping costs for any shipment of 500grams and below ranges from SGD 17.00 ~ $35.00. (Shipping costs vary and may increase or drop based on DHL's fuel charges)

You may also inform us to combine your tournament registration gifts and prizes together with any future or existing orders to save on shipping costs. If the prizes are bigger or heavier than your current shipment (such as if it includes playmat(s) or Booster Boxes, we will request you to top up the difference if needed.

All shipments sent by Game Academia will come with tracking.

If you would like to assign your own courier or a friend to pick up your registration gifts and prizes, kindly let us know after the tournament so we can prepare them for pickup. Please also inform us the courier's name and contact number for our courier verification so we can release the package to the correct person. As this is self collection, there is no shipping charges applied. Please also communicate clearly with the courier company on your arrangements. Game Academia will not be responsible for any shipping issues that arise from an external courier.

If you would like us to ship to another local address in Singapore, a fixed charge of SGD $5.00 will be charged for shipments less than 5 kilograms (KG). Please also let us know how many shipments or Order# you would like to combine in this type of shipment.

Game Academia will hold your order no longer than 4 weeks from the date of the order, or 4 weeks from the date of the product's release if it is a pre-order. Kindly plan your shipping combinations based on this information. Any order not shipped after 4 weeks of the release date will incur an additional surcharge of $1 accumulated for each day past the deadline.

If you have any further enquiries, feel free to email us at gameacad@gmail.com


Players MUST meet these requirements to participate.
If you do not own a webcam, you could turn your smartphone into a webcam by following this guide.

  • Webcam OR Smartphone with Camera.
  • Discord account. (Please note your Discord User Tag).
  • Decent Internet Connection.
  • Microphone.

Tournament Process:

  • Check your Webcam and Microphone settings for any last-minute adjustments 30 minutes before the tournament starts.

  • Players are encouraged to communicate more details when playing online, for example, summoning conditions, playing conditions, response windows, effect triggers and effect descriptions.
  • You may ask for your opponent to show you the card or read the card ability if their camera is not able to capture the text clearly. You can also ask your opponent for the card's serial number / name & set number so that you can do a google search to view its effects clearly.
  • Your screen boundary must be adjusted in a way that it capture ALL game areas (Deck Area, Discard Pile, Cards in Hand, etc..).
  • When your pairing is up, players are to enter the specified #Voice-Channel and start connecting to their opponent via Video Call with webcam screens and microphones active. 
  • Once you have successfully connected with your opponent after viewing your pairing, you may start to setup your field and draw cards. The 30-minute best of 1 round will begin thereafter. Players will decide the turn player and commence their games.
  • Please note if your game has disconnected, it will be considered as your game loss if you are not reconnected within 1 minute. Therefore please maintain good internet connection.