Singles Card Policy

The "Singles" terminology in this section refers to individual cards listed in our website in the Singles section of the respective card game. This page is made to address Game Academia's process of handling all Singles transactions and policies.

Q: How are Game Academia's Singles attained and kept?
A: Our singles are obtained only by opening sealed products directly and kept in our album right away to maintain its mint condition. All singles we upload to our website are confirmed to meet the minimum PSA Grading Standard of [EX5 - Excellent] or higher, verified by Game Academia ourselves. Kindly e-mail us at if you are especially particular of higher standards of specific card(s) and we will get back to you with pictures of the card for your viewing before committing to the sale.

Q: Do you buyback Singles?
A: Yes, we do buyback singles only if the card is in mint condition, checked and verified by us in front of the seller in person at our counter front. Due to the nature of this, we do not buyback overseas singles via mail or overseas shipping. Cards that we do buyback are at 50% off their market value at best. Buyback prices may vary depending on card condition.

Q: Is it possible to reserve Singles card orders?
A: No, we will be unable to reserve singles. All singles ordered must be fully paid within 24 hours to prevent order cancellation. Consistent order placing for singles with defaulting payment repeatedly may result in an account and address ban for misconduct of order spam and singles-blocking, making the card unavailable for others to purchase.

Q: How does Game Academia set the prices for singles?
A: Singles prices set by Game Academia takes our references from all other websites and auction sites in existence be it local or international that sells the relevant Singles, and determines the price based on supply and demand. 

Q: I am dissatisfied with my card's packing or condition. What should I do?
A: Please contact us at with the photograph of the condition or damage and we will go through it on a case-by-case basis. Due to the volatile nature of the singles market, Game Academia does not refund or  accept returns on single cards after we have shipped it.