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Game Academia is an online and retail business in Singapore that caters to the needs of Card Gamers and Video Gamers. Being Gamers ourselves, we strive to provide you the best possible service and ensure you are informed well about a product before making a purchase in our product description and in our Policies for general enquiries.

We provide shipping to most countries. We are the Official Distributors for Exodus TCG in South-East Asia appointed by Existence Games.

Business Registration No: 53370036A
Live Since: 1st September 2017.
E-Mail: (All Website Enquiries & Distribution Enquiries)

Shop Address & Operating Hours:
Peninsula Shopping Centre
3 Coleman Street #B1-38/39
Singapore 179804
TUESDAYS - FRIDAYS: 3pm - 11pm.

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Join us in a round of cards and level up together!