Regarding cards with multiple colours
Question Answer
1 Can a Blue+Green Digimon be a target of an effect that targets Blue Digimon? Yes, a Digimon with 2 or more colours are treated as Digimon of all those colours.
2 Are Blue+Green Digimon counted as 2 Digimon for effects that says "For each blue and green Digimon" No, for effects that say "For each Digimon", you count the number of Digimon that meets the condition. So it is counted as 1 Digimon
3 When I evolve my Blue+Green Digimon into a Digimon with evolution costs of [Blue-2 cost / Green-3 cost], which cost do I pay? You can choose to pay 2 or 3 
4 Can I use Blue+Green option cards if I only have Digimon of 1 colour in my Battle Area, and Digimon of the other colour in my Raising Area? Yes, as the requirement of having both colours is met.
5 When an option card with 2 or more colours is checked from my security, can its [Security] effect activate if I don't meet all the colour requirements? Yes, [Security] effects activate regardless of colour requirements
6 When I activate an effect that says [Return a Blue option card from my trash to my hand], can I return a Blue+Green option card to my hand> Yes, you can
7 I only have Blue Digimon or Tamer in my Battle Area and Raising Area, and I activate an effect that lets me use a Blue option card from my hand. Can I use a Blue+Green option card from my hand with the effect? No, as the effect does not say "Ignore the colour requirements", you must still fufill the colour requirements to use an option card, even with effects.
Question Answer
1 What is [Jogress]? It is a special evolution condition that combines multiple Digimon and evolves into 1 Digimon. When evolving into a Digimon with Jogress, you can stack all of the Digimon that meet the Jogress specified conditions, then place the Digimon card with Jogress on top of it, and pay the evolution cost to evolve. This is called [Jogress Evolution]
2 What are the [Jogress specified conditions] referring to? It is referring to the colour and Lv requirements written at where [Jogress] is. If [Green LV4+Blue LV4] is written, it means you can Jogress evolve using a Green LV4 Digimon, and a Blue LV4 Digimon
3 When I Jogress evolve, do I draw 1 as an evolution bonus? Yes, you get the draw 1 bonus like a normal evolution
4 When Jogress evolving, do I sort the evolution sources by Lv from high to low? No, you do not change the order of the evolution sources. The Digimon written on the left of the Jogress specified condition is placed on the top of the stack, and the DIgimon written on the right is placed at the bottom of the stack, including their evolution sources. For example when your Green Lv4 Digimon with 2 evolution sources and your Blue Lv4 Digimon with 1 evolution source are used to Jogress evolve into a Digimon with [Jogress: Green Lv4+Blue Lv4] condition, the Green Digimon and its 2 evolution sources are stacked on top of the Blue Digimon. Cards with lower level may be stacked on top of a higher level card, but please do not change the stacking order and stack them as they are
5 Can I Jogress evolve my Digimon that are in Rest? Or can I Jogress evolve using a Digimon in Active, and another in Rest? Yes, you can Jogress evolve regardless if the Digimon are in Active or Rest. When you Jogress evolve, the evolved Digimon is always in Active
6 Can I Jogress evolve using my Digimon and my opponent's Digimon? No, you cannot. You can only Jogress evolve using Digimon in your own Battle Area
7 When I Jogress evolve using a Digimon that was just played that turn, can that Digimon attack after Jogress evolving? Yes, it can. When you Jogress evolve, even if all of the Digimon that became evolution sources were played that turn, it can attack after Jogress evolving
8 What happens to the effects my Digimon received after Jogress evolving? All effects received before evolving are lost, Effects that affect all Digimon will be re-applied after Jogress evolving 
9 If I used my Digimon's evolution source's [once per turn] effect, then Jogress evolve, can that effect be used again? Yes, it can. After Jogress evolving, all effects received before that are lost, so the number of times the [once per turn] effect is used is also returned
10 If I Jogress evolve my Digimon that received the effect of [Destroy at end of turn], is that evolved Digimon destroyed at the end of that turn after  No, as all effects are lost, it is not destroyed
11 Can I Jogress evolve using a Digimon in my Raising Area? No, you cannot
12 Can I use effects that reduce evolution costs like 「BT1-109  スマッシュポテト」 (Smash Potato) and 「EX1-071  しょうりつ60%!」 (Win Rate 60%) etc, to reduce the cost of Jogress evolution Yes, you can
13 What happens when a Jogress evolved Digimon receives the effect of <Devolve>? As a Jogress evolved Digimon is treated as 1 Digimon, you discard the numnber of cards from the top of the stack stated by the <Devolve> effect as per normal. Even if a Digimon card with Jogress is discarded, the Digimon before evolving are not split into separate Digimon
14 If a Jogress evolution's reqeuirement says [Green Lv5+Blue Lv5], can I Jogress evolve using 1 Lv5 Digimon that is both Green and Blue? No, Jogress evolving requires the specified number of Digimon. You can use a Lv5 Digimon that is both Green and Blue to Jogress evolve, but you will need 1 more Digimon that is either Green Lv5 or Blue Lv5
15 If I jogress evolve into a Digimon with Jogress evolution condition of [Green Lv5+Blue Lv5] using 2 Lv5 Digimon that are both Green and Blue, how do I order the stack? You can choose which Digimon to use as a Green Digimon, and which Digimon to use as a Blue Digimon, and stack either one on top of the other
16 All of my Digimon has -3000DP for the turn due to the [Security] effect of  「BT4-106  パージシャイン」 (Purge Shine). What happens to the DP of a Digimon that Jogress evolved that turn? The effect of -3000DP is applied after Jogress evolution. All effects that the Digimon before Jogress evolving are reset, but effects that affect [All of opponent's Digimon] like [Purge Shine] continues to take effect, even on Digimon that appears in the Battle Area after the effect was applied. So the Digimon gets -3000DP after Jogress evolving

Original Rules Q&A from the Digimon Card Game official website (29OCT2021):


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  • James bradley - February 08, 2022

    I had previously to Bandai and they refused to give me a ruling at that time.

    What’s the ruling on double tamer Davis and Ken regarding the unite hearts option card? Is it viable or not?

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