Shadowverse Evolve TCG - [BP-02] Black Silver Bahamut Japanese Booster Box (Reprint)



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Pre-Order Deadline: 1st June 2022
Release Date:
t 30th June 2022. 

Manufactured by: Cygames / Bushiroad.
Text Language: Japanese.

"Laplace Darkness" collaboration card decided!

In the second booster set, the collaboration card of HoloLive belonging to "Laplace Darkness" will be included. As a box topper bonus, the first edition includes one type of "Laplace Darkness" leader card, and the second edition encloses one each of two types of tokens using hand-drawn illustrations by "Laplace Darkness"! From the pack, you can find a special edition of the holofoil reader card, follower, spell, and amulet collaboration card!

Total of 180+ Card Types!

  • Legend Rare - 22 Types
  • Gold Rare - 29 Types
  • Silver Rare - 29 Types
  • Bronze Rare - 40 Types
  • Special Rare - 1 Type
  • Ultra Rare - 7 Types
  • Super Legend - 21 Types

8 New Type + 12 Reprints:

  • Leader Card - 3 Types
  • Token Card - 20 Types

*Order 20 Booster Boxes for a sealed carton.

*Reprint does not come with Box Topper

Booster Box Contains:
16x Booster Packs.
8x Cards in 1 Pack.