ReBirth For You TCG - Hololive Production Booster Box



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Manufactured by: Bushiroad
Text Language: Japanese.
Card Size: Standard Size (MTG / Pokemon)

Reprint Version Note:

  • SNP (Serial Number Partner) will be changed to SNP (Special Neo Partner)!
  • The card with the serial number engraved in the first edition has become a <Hololive> foil stamping design for reprint!
  • In addition, the card ratio hit rate in the pack is higher than the First Edition!

[Serial number included → Only for First Edition]

[Hololive foil stamping → Only for Reprinted Edition (With Rates UP!)]

  • Rarity notation has not changed from [SNP].
  • This product has a [Resale] notation on the box / pack.
  • Because the campaign period has ended, the Weiss Schwarz PR card that was included in the previous box is not included.
  • Other specifications are the same as the first edition.

*Order 16 Booster Boxes for a sealed carton.

Booster Box Contains:
10x Booster Packs.
6x Cards in 1 Pack.