PS5 Fortnite: Minty Legends Pack

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Pre-Order Deadline: 16th September 2021.
Release Date: 2nd November 2021.

Consumer Advice: TBA.
Genre: Action / Shooting / Battle Royale.
Text Language: English / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Russian / Brazilian Portuguese.
Voice Language: None.
Multiplayer Online: Up to 100 Players.
Multiplayer Offline: None.

1x Game DLC Code

Fortnite: Minty Legends Pack includes:

1x Fresh Aura Outfit
1x Minty Multipack Back Bling
1x Minty Mountaineer Pickaxe
1x Minty Bomber Outfit
1x Spearmint Satchel Back Bling
1x Freshbreaker Pickaxe
1x Skellemint Oro Outfit
1x Minty Mantle Back Bling
1x Triple Mint Scepter Pickaxe
1x Fire Mint Wrap
1x 1,000 V-Bucks!


Keep it fresh and fierce with the Minty Legends Pack.