PS4 The Division 2 (The Phoenix Shield Collector's Edition)

Soft Source


Pre-Order Deadline: 10th February 2019.
Release Date:
 15th March 2019.

1x Game Software
1x World Map
1x Brian Johnson Action Figure (1/6 Scale)
1x Exclusive Steelbook
1x Game Soundtrack
1x Book of Lithographs
1x Secret Service Pack DLC Voucher
1x Capitol Defender Pack DLC Voucher
1x First Responder Pack DLC Voucher
1x Elite Agent Pack DLC Voucher

Secret Service Pack Includes:

  • Secret Service Outfit
  • Rare Quality Emote
  • Exotic Quality M4A1 Weapon Skin

Capitol Defender Pack Includes:

  • "Lullaby" Exotic SPAS-12 Shotgun
  • Weapon Blueprint Endgame Version
  • Hazmat Outfit

First Responder Pack Includes:

  • First Responder Outfit
  • First Responder Shotgun Skin

Elite Agent Pack Includes:

  • Exotic Assault Rifle
  • Exclusive Skill Effect
  • Additional Stash Space

Internet connection is required to play this game.

      Consumer Advice: M18 - Violence & Strong Coarse Language.
      Genre: First-Person Shooter.
      Text Language: English.
      Voice Language: English.
      Multiplayer Online: 2 Players - 4 Players.
      Multiplayer Offline: None.