PS4 Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

E3 Distribution


Pre-Order Deadline: 4th March 2018.
Release Date:
6th March 2018.

1x Game Software

Royal Edition Contains:

  • Original Game Story
  • Insomnia City Ruins (Exclusive Dungeon)
  • First-Person Mode
  • New Weapons, Gear, Regalia Skins and Item Sets.
  • Extra Boss [Cerberus], [Omega] & [Rulers of Yore].
  • Episode Gladiolus
  • Episode Prompto
  • Episode Ignis
  • Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades
  • Armiger Unleashed (Action-Oriented Mode after collecting all 13 Royal Arms)
  • Royal Vessel (To freely explore the waters around Cape Caem and Altissia)

Consumer Advice: General
Genre: Open World / Action RPG
Text Language: English / Japanese / Traditional Chinese (R3 Asia)
Voice Language: English / Japanese
Multiplayer Online: 4 Players.
Multiplayer Offline: None

*PlayStation Plus Subscription may be required to access online multiplayer features.