Pokémon TCG: League Battle Deck - Rapid Stike Urshifu VMAX



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Manufactured by: The Pokémon Company International.
Text Language: English.

Deck List

  • Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX ×2 (Foil)
  • Rapid Strike Urshifu V ×2 (Foil)
  • Cincinno x2
  • Minccino x2
  • Octillery x2
  • Remoraid x3
  • Galarian Zigzagoon x1
  • Falinks x3
  • Boss's Orders: Lysandre x2
  • Cheryl x1
  • Escape Rope x2
  • Evolution Incense x2
  • Fan of Waves x1
  • Korrina's Focus x2
  • Level Ball x3
  • Marnie x3
  • Ordinary Rod x1
  • Pal Pad x1
  • Professor's Research: Juniper x3
  • Quick Ball x4
  • Scoop Up Net x1
  • Switch x2
  • Tool Scrapper x1
  • Tower of Waters x2
  • Fighting Energy x4
  • Rapid Strike Energy x4
  • Stone Fighting Energy x4

League Battle Decks Contains:
1x 60-Card Deck 
1x Paper Deck Box
2x Condition Markers
6x Damage Counter Dice
1x Coin-Flip Dice
1x Quick Strategy Guide
1x Pokemon TCG Rulebook
1x Pokémon TCG Online Code Card