NS Treasures of the Aegean



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Pre-Order Deadline: 15th September 2021.
Release Date: 29th October 2021.

Consumer Advice: TBA.
Genre: Action / Adventure / Platformer / Puzzle.
Text Language: Chinese / Korean.
Voice Language: None.
Multiplayer Online: None.
Multiplayer Offline: None.

1x Game Cartridge


What happened to the Minoan civilization? Join parkour master Marie Taylor and treasure hunter James Andrew in a historical action thriller, as they unveil the secrets of a forgotten kingdom that has been tragically trapped in an endless time loop.

Explore a beautifully hand-drawn non-lineal open world, recover valuable relics, chart a lost island, and gather new clues in every loop to complete an ancient prophecy. Solve the riddles and mysteries that angered the old Gods, on your quest to prevent history from repeating itself forever.

      Game Features

      • A Dashing Duo - Marie Taylor and her associate historian James Andrew are a treasure-hunting team on the search for ancient relics and adventure!

      • Running Free - Parkour your way through a rough terrain full of challenges: surf steep slopes, climb high walls, vault over obstacles, swing on vines and jump over deep pits to explore a hand drawn open world.

      • Time Loops & Puzzles - Exploit a glitch in time to secure information on a persistent map and solve key puzzles, before the world blows up and the loop restarts!

      • Discover Another World - Hidden in the depths for several millennia, the island of Thera is full of historical treasures to collect and mysteries to decipher.