NS Megaman Zero / ZX Legacy Collection



Pre-Order Deadline: 30th November 2019.
Release Date: 21st January 2020.

1x Game Cartridge


  • Megaman Zero
  • Megaman Zero 2
  • Megaman Zero 3
  • Megaman Zero 4
  • Megaman ZX
  • Megaman ZXA


  • Play using original Pixel Art or high quality filters
  • Original art and sound gallery from both series.
  • Play using the touch function from a number of your preffered layouts.
  • Enjoy the story with the Casual Scenario mode where you will safe-spawn at the nearest checkpoint without losing any lives! 
  • Save your progress in mid-stages using the Save Points (Casual Scenario Mode only)
  • Z-Chaser mode allows you to compete with another player in a stage rush to see who finishes first!

      Consumer Advice: General.
      Genre: Action / Platformer
      Text Language: English
      Voice Language: English 
      Multiplayer Online: 2 Players (Z-Chaser).
      Multiplayer Offline: None.