NS Lyrica & Lyrica 2 Stars Align Standard Edition [陽春白雪 Lyrica&続陽春白雪 結星諧調 Lyrica2 Stars Align]



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Pre-Order Deadline: 14th July 2021.
Release Date: 7th October 2021.

      Consumer Advice: TBA.
      Genre: Music & Party / Rhythm Game.
      Text Language: English / Japanese / Traditional, Simplified Chinese.
      Voice Language: Japanese.
      Multiplayer Online: None.
      Multiplayer Offline: None.

      1x Game Cartridge

      Lyrica is a rhythm game that’s unique in many ways. It’s musically entertaining; it expresses literature artistically; it applied poetries in the gameplay and created a new gaming experience for the gamers.

      The story portrays a young man Chun who wants to become a musician. One night he has a dream of traveling to the ancient past in China and encounters a mysterious poet.

      The game combined music notes and classic poems, gamers experience the beauty of Chinese calligraphies and poems by tapping on the lyric that sync with the rhythm, or draw calligraphy through the music notes.

      Game Features:

      • Lyrics are important part of the gameplay

      • We applied Chinese calligraphy to the gameplay

      • We’re the first rhythm game that collects indigenous music, Taiwanese Hokkien music, and a cappella music

      • We combined classic Chinese literature with Taiwanese modern culture in our storyline