NS Hotel Transylvania: Scary-Tale Adventures



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Pre-Order Deadline: 29th December 2021.
Release Date: 11 March 2022.

Consumer Advice: TBA.
Genre: Adventure / Platform.
Text Language: English.
Voice Language: None.
Multiplayer Online: None.
Multiplayer Offline: None.

1x Game Cartridge


Something spooktacular is coming. All-new adventures are set in the Hotel Transylvania Universe. Stay tuned, Hotel Transylvania: Scary-Tale Adventures

This 3D platform-adventure video game will take players on a fairy tale journey, putting them in control of their fan-favorite characters as the game re-imagines classic stories, such as "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Emperor’s New Clothes".

      Game Features

      • Spook-tacular Stories - Visit classic fairy tales with a spooky spin! Become Little Red Riding Mavis and watch out for Big Bad Wolf Wayne. Collect valuable trinkets for the King of Thieves to enter The Cave of Treasures. And solve puzzles to unlock the ruined temple and find Emperor Blobby’s New Clothes!

      • Discover new locations - Explore unique worlds to complete challenges as tricky as finding Griffin, the Invisible Man – oh wait, that is one of the challenges! Unearth hidden collectibles, cursed medallions and coins galore to spend in Murray’s shop. Discover all the secrets of each story to unlock treats tastier than a scream-cheese bagel!

      • Master your powers - Gain powerful new vampire skills as you defeat the creatures haunting each chapter, and show the bad guy bosses who’s in charge! Power up Drac and Mavis with super strength, immobilisation powers, super jump, and more.