NS Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey [Survivor's Edition]



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Pre-Order Deadline: 9th January 2022.
Release Date: 4th March 2022.

Consumer Advice: TBA.
Genre: Adventure / Survival.
Text Language: English.
Voice Language: None.
Multiplayer Online: None.
Multiplayer Offline: None.


1x Game Cartridge 

Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey [Survivor's Edition] Includes:

1x Stickers
1x Artbook
1x Special Case


Ashwalkers, developed by Nameless XIII and published by Dear Villagers, sees four adventurers journey through a harsh world, making difficult decisions that dramatically affect the course of the story. Players have to manage the party’s food and equipment and find their way through a dynamic narrative with multiple possible endings.

The years after a geological disaster, a group of survivors called “The Squad” set out into a ravaged world. They need to find a safe haven for their people, but to reach it they must cross a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of complex moral dilemmas. Get to know four fascinating characters and the shifting dynamics between them as you travel to the end of the world.

      Game Features

      • Face complex moral dilemmas and make meaningful decisions.

      • Discover new paths on each roughly 2 hour-long playthrough.

      • Four distinct characters, 34 different endings depending on your choices.

      • Find food, manage equipment and ration medication to keep the group from succumbing to madness and despair.

      • Travel and learn about this hostile world destroyed by a volcanic apocalypse.

      • Seek out and harvest vital resources in the wild.

      • Overcome obstacles, violent encounters and the deadly climate on your journey