Flesh And Blood TCG - [HP1] History Pack 1 Booster Box



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Pre-Order Deadline: 19th April 2022.
Release Date:
 6th May 2022.

Manufactured by: Legendary Story Studios.
Text Language: English

Venture into the vaults of Rathe and discover the origins of Flesh and Blood with History Pack 1.

History Pack 1 contains many of the key cards from the first year of Flesh and Blood (WTR/ARC/CRU), curated into a single white border set. An ideal product for the next generation of heroes, looking to grasp the history of Rathe witnessed by those who went before.

*Order 4 Booster Boxes for a sealed carton.

Total of 427 Card Types!

  • 238x Common Types
  • 118x Rare Types
  • 62x Majestic Types
  • 9x Legendary Types

Booster Pack Ratios:

  • 8 Common Cards
  • 1 Rare Card
  • 1 Rare or Higher Card

36x Booster Packs
10x Cards in 1 Pack.