Exodus TCG - [SET 06] Threshold of Time Booster Box

Existence Games


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Pre-Order Deadline: 30th April 2021.
Release Date:
 15th August 2021.

Manufactured by: Existence Games.
Text Language: English

*Order 12 Booster Boxes for a sealed case / carton!

Booster Box Contains:
12x Booster Packs
5x Cards in 1 Pack.
1x Box Topper Card (Box Exclusive)
1x Random Rarity Foil Card (Box Bonus)

Pre-Order Bonus:
2x Legacy Vestige, Corrodestria Promo Card [Pre-Order Only]

1 Case of [SET 06] Threshold of Time Contains:
12x [SET 06] Threshold of Time Booster Boxes
4x Random Limited Edition Sketch Cards (Creator Signed)

The long-awaited, ever-mysterious & thrilling Set 6 is almost here! Can you believe Exodus' 6th expansion is finally happening?! Threshold of Time officially releases later this summer in 2021, but for now, you can reserve your boxes / cases by pre-ordering & guaranteeing that you get some of the very first boxes in the world!

Set 6 (ToT) is a 100% new, 79-card set that introduces a host of in-depth new mechanics & playstyles, features dazzling new foil treatments & brings fresh creature types into the spotlight! 

Counting both foil / non-foil card variants & Secret Rares, Threshold of Time offers a total of 110 unique cards to collect. Our classic Exodus TCG pack-out rates will be continued in this expansion, with booster boxes containing 12 packs (+1 fixed foil box topper, 1 random foil box topper & 1 rule card); individual booster packs will contain 5 randomized cards (3 Commons, 1 Uncommon & 1 foil [Uncommon, Rare or Secret Rare])! 

By pre-ordering Set 6 now, you'll not only get some of the first boxes of the print run, but we'll also treat you to a brand new Set 6 PROMO card! Look familiar? It might! Legacy Vestige is the "upgraded" amalgamation of the classic Airship Corrodestria creature - which was Exodus' very first Ability creature, and one of the debut promos for the game. It's only fitting that we kick off Threshold of Time with the re-imagined 2.0 version of Corrodestria -- perfect for any upcoming Machine or Leviathan deck builds!

Order a whole case of Set 6, and in addition to a playset of the Corrodestria promo, we'll also include x4 all-new, never-before-seen sketch cards from Threshold of Timesigned by the game creators Jake and Lexi! Each Limited Edition sketch card will be selected randomly from a pool of 8 possible Set 6 sketch cards (we'll make sure you don't get duplicates)! Remember, there's only 100 copies of each LE sketch card in existence, and this is your chance to get a nice chunk of exclusive collection pieces!