Exodus TCG - [SET 05] The Dimension That Disappeared Booster Box

Existence Games


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Release Date: 1st August 2018

Manufactured by: Existence Games.
Text Language: English

Booster Box Contains:
12x Booster Packs
5x Cards in 1 Pack.
1x "Torn Asunder" Symmetry Card (Box Bonus Only)
1x Random Rarity Foil Card (Box Bonus)

1 Case of [SET 05] The Dimension That Disappeared Contains:
12x [SET 05] The Dimension That Disappeared Booster Boxes

A new mechanic called Afterthought will be introduced to the game, a second Ability found exclusively on Chronos—creatures made of smoke.

When a Chrono would leave play, the player may choose to change its card type from a creature into an Afterthought. If they do, its Afterthought Ability becomes active and it leaves a lingering effect on the battlefield.

This will vastly change the flow of gameplay as players can use the new mechanic to decrease their deck size in exchange for having less creatures at their disposal.

This set includes full support for Chronos, Treefolk, Shardfolk, as well as secondary creature types. It offers over 50 foil cards to collect and is optimized for Constructed, Booster Draft, 1v1 & the new Multiplayer Live 2v2 format. The popular 3D etched foil treatment will return for Secret Rares. Meanwhile, Commons and Uncommons will have their usual black border replaced with a stark white border for this expansion. All other cards will feature foil-stamped borders or textured extended art, such as SRs.