Exodus TCG - [SET 03] Crystal Forge: Treeforge Competitive Deck

Existence Games


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Pre-Order Deadline: 30th May 2018.
Release Date:
 12th June 2018

Manufactured by: Existence Games.
Text Language: English

Starter Deck Contains:
1x 41 Card Starter Deck
1x Starter Guide
1x Rule Card

1 Display of [SET 03] Crystal Forge Contains:
3x Treeforge Competitive Decks
3x Shardveil Competitive Decks

1 Case of [SET 03] Crystal Forge Contains:
4x [SET 03] Crystal Forge Displays


20x Energy (Uncommon)
1x Vanquish, Reverser of Time (Rare)
1x Harbinger Mushroom (Rare)
1x Carcery, the Chemical Oddity (Rare)
1x Treeforge Complex (Rare)
1x Brilliant Brightveil (Uncommon)
1x Creaking Rotwood (Uncommon)

1x Sporeheart Shroom (Uncommon)
1x Venus Treetrap (Uncommon)
1x Rose's Reach (Uncommon)
1x Hidden Haven (Uncommon)
1x Helver Formation (Uncommon)
1x Strangler Fig (Common)
1x Sparkspore Cluster (Common)
1x Lightstruck Lebanon (Common)
1x Roseroot Red Cedar (Common)
1x Starlit Expanse (Common)
1x Treelight Convoy (Common)
1x Nebula Geyser Meadow (Common)
1x Siphoning Energy Roots (Common)
1x Energy Dispersal (Common)
1x Howling Synthesis (Common)