Exodus TCG - [SET 01] Birth of Creation: Harmonized Dragonis Starter Deck

Existence Games


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Pre-Order Deadline: 30th May 2018.
Release Date:
 12th June 2018

Manufactured by: Existence Games.
Text Language: English

Starter Deck Contains:
1x 40 Card Starter Deck
1x Starter Guide
1x Rule Card

1 Display of [SET 01] Birth of Creation Contains:
3x Harmonzied Skyborn Starter Deck
3x Harmonized Dragonis Stater Deck

1 Case of [SET 01] Birth of Creation Contains:
4x [SET 01] Birth of Creation Displays

Deck List:

20x Energy (Common)
1x Dimensional Dragon (Rare)
1x Vortex (Uncommon)
1x Reversion (Common)
1x Chains (Common)
1x Invoke (Common)
1x Leech (Common)
1x Energize (Common)
1x Cataclysm (Common)
1x Mistrai Dragon (Uncommon)
1x Oceano Dragon (Uncommon)
1x Asteroid Dragon (Uncommon)
1x Calamity Dragon (Uncommon)
1x Clock Dragon (Common)
1x Density Dragon (Common)
1x Darcrest Dragon (Common)
1x Bedragoth (Common)
1x Valforce (Common)
1x Slither Drake (Common)
1x Skyward Slithe (Common)
1x Rose Slithe (Common)