Digimon Card Game - [DC-1GP] Ulforceveedramon Supply Set + GP Tournament Entry



Pre-Order Deadline: 5th August 2021.
Release Date: 30th August 2021.

Please note that this product is limited to 1 purchase per player. Ordering more than 1 of this product will have your entire order cancelled. The tournament is only available to players in Singapore with the usage of Japanese Decks.

Manufactured by: Bandai.
Text Language: Japanese.


  • Players who purchase this Grand Prix Tournament Set are entitled to participate in the upcoming Digimon Grand Prix Tournament.

  • Players may only register once for the tournament. Kindly ensure your Name, Address and Contact Number in your Game Academia account is accurate for registration purposes. Please also submit your DISCORD#Tag under the order remarks.

  • The event organizer will reject any multiple registrations from the same person before the start of the tournament.

Digimon Card Game -1st Grand Prix Tournament will be a national-based tournament in each eligible country, running up to 7 swiss rounds of Best-of-3 swiss rounds over DISCORD. Participants are required to have equipment for remote play via phone or webcam.

The Singapore Digimon Grandprix will be held on September 2021 and will only be fought against players from your own country. More details on the actual date will be updated on our Facebook Page.

1x Playmat
1x Card Sleeves (50pcs)
4x Veemon Promo Card (DC-1GP Stamped)
4x Shining V-Force Promo Card (DC-1GP Stamped)
1x Grand Prix Tournament Invite