Digimon Card Game - [DBT-11] Dimensional Phase Booster Box



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Pre-Order Deadline: 15th August 2022.
Release Date: 30th September 2022.

Manufactured by: Bandai.
Text Language: Japanese.

  • A booster that further strengthens Xros Wars by implementing Shoutmon X7 and Bagramon!
  • Popular cards from the past series will be reprinted as Parallel Cards! 
  • Introducing characters and Digimon from [Digimon World] series!

Total of 113 Card Types!

  • Common: 44 Types
  • Uncommon: 30 Types
  • Rare: 26 Types
  • Super Rare: 12 Types
  • Secret Rare: 3 Types

          *Order 12 Booster Boxes for a sealed carton.

          24x Booster Packs
          6x Cards in 1 Pack