DCG-ST13-14 R LV6 ブリウエルドラモン

Game Academia


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CARD S/N:  ST13-14 CARD NAME: ブリウエルドラモン
CARD TYPE: Armor / Legend-Arms STAGE: Ultimate
EVO COST: 4 (From Black/Red LV5)

DP: 12000
OBTAINABLE FROM: Starter Deck - RagnaLoardmon ST-13

[Your Turn](once per turn) When this Digimon's evolution sources is increased by your effects, this Digimon cannot be destroyed, returned to hand, or deck, by your opponent's effects until the next time your opponent's turn ends

[When Evolving] Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. You can play 1 Digimon card with [Legend-Arms] in its traits and play cost of 7 or less among them without paying its cost. Return any remaining cards to the bottom of your deck in any order

EVO SOURCE EFFECT [End of your turn] While this Digimon is [RagnaLoardmon], this Digimon cannot receive your opponent's Digimon's effects