DCG-ST13-09 U LV3 ルドモン

Game Academia


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CARD S/N:  ST13-09 CARD NAME: ルドモン
CARD TYPE: Armor / Legend-Arms
STAGE: Child
EVO COST: 0 (From Black/Red LV2)

DP: 1000
OBTAINABLE FROM: Starter Deck - RagnaLoardmon ST-13
EFFECT [When Played] By putting this Digimon to the bottom of the evolution sources of 1 of your other Digimon with [Legend-Arms] in its traits or 1 of your other Red Digimon, reveal the top 1 card of your deck. If that card has [Legend-Arms] in its traits with play cost of 7 or less, you can play it without paying its cost. Add any remaining cards to your hand
EVO SOURCE EFFECT [When Attacking] If you have a Digimon with [Legend-Arms] in its traits or a Red Digimon in play, this Digimon gains <Blocker>