DCG-BT9-098 C Option 黄金騎士の覚醒

Game Academia


CARD S/N:  BT9-098 CARD NAME: 黄金騎士の覚醒



OBTAINABLE FROM: Booster - X Record BT-9

While you have [Armor] stage Digimon in play, you can use this card while ignoring its colour requirements

[Main] 1 of your [Armor] stage Digimon can evolve into a Digimon card with [Magnamon] in its name while ignoring its evolution requirements without paying its cost, That Digimon's DP cannot be minused by your opponent's effect until your opponent's next end of turn

SECURITY EFFECT [Security] Return 1 card with [Magnamon] in its name from your trash to your hand, and add this card to your hand