DCG-BT7-085 R Tamer 神原拓也

Game Academia


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CARD S/N:  BT7-085 CARD NAME: 神原拓也


OBTAINABLE FROM: Booster - Next Adventure BT-07

[Security] Play this card without paying its cost

[Main](once per turn) You may place 5 [Hybrid] stage card from your trash to under this Tamer in any order to evolve this Tamer into a [カイゼルグレイモン](KaiserGreymon) in your hand by paying its evolution cost as if this Tamer is a Red LV5 Digimon

EVO SOURCE EFFECT <Your Turn> This Digimon gets +2000DP. While this Digimon has 10000DP or more, this Digimon gains <Security Attack +1>