DCG-BT10-087 R Tamer 工藤タイキ

Game Academia


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CARD S/N:  BT10-087 CARD NAME: 工藤タイキ
CARD TYPE: General / Xros Heart



OBTAINABLE FROM: Booster - Xros Encounter BT-10

[When Played] Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck. Add 1 card with [Xros Heart] in its traits among them to your hand, and 1 Digimon card with [Xros Heart] in its traits under this Tamer. Return any remaining cards to the bottom of your deck in any order

[Your Turn] When playing 1 of your Digimon with Digi Xros requirements, by Resting this Tamer, you can also place cards from under your Tamers into evolution sources by Digi Xros

SECURITY EFFECT [Security] Play this card without paying its cost