CB17-005 R Kamen Rider Saber Brave Dragon [2]

Game Academia


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Name: Kamen Rider Saber Brave Dragon [2]

Family: Kamen/Sword Master

[LV1][LV2](When this Spirit is summoned)
You can reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Add 1 card containing the name: [Saber] and 1 card from the family: [Sword Master]/[Sword Blade] to your hand. Discard the remaining card(s).

[LV2](Flash)(When this Spirit attacks)
Once per turn, you can summon 1 Brave card from the family: [Sword Blade] that can be braved with this Spirit without paying the cost. If you done so, you can activate this Spirit's [When this Spirit is summoned] effect.

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