CB16-065 TR (A) Graham Aker / (B) Mister Bushido

Game Academia


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Graham Aker

Family: Pilot

This Brave in Spirit form cannot attack/block.

[Brave Condition: MS/MA & Cost 2 or higher]

[When Braved](Zero-Rebirth)[When you have 0 counters (Rebirth cannot be used at the same time)]
During your opponent's End Step or when this Brave/braved Spirit leaves the Field through your opponent, by paying 1 cost, flip this Brave. Then, this post-rebirth Brave remains in a Spirit form.

[When Braved](When this Spirit attack)
Once per turn, you can refresh 1 of your Spirit containing the name: [Flag].

Name: Mister Bushidō

Family: Pilot

When this side is flipped up, it remains on the Field and your counter is unchanged.

This Brave does not exhaust, and while in Spirit form, cannot attack nor block.

[LV1](When this Brave rebirths)
You can summon 1 card with the effect: [Top Gun]/[Bushido] from your hand without paying the cost. After this effect resolves, you can brave this Brave with that Spirit.

[Brave Condition: MS/MA & Cost 4 or higher]
[When Braved](During both player's Attack Step)
This Spirit and all your Spirit(s) with [Top Gun]/[Bushido] is treated as its' highest LV.

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