Build Divide TCG - [SD-05] Adventurers In A Dangerous Game Starter Deck



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Pre-Order Deadline: 25th August 2022
Release Date: 4th November 2022

Manufactured by: Aniplex.
Text Language: Japanese.


  • A deck built around the dual color "Blue and White" with the motif of "Cyber World"!

  • The Skill "Quick Unit" of the Blue and White World! Each world has its own unique skill Dual color force.

  • Quick Units can be played during your opponent's turn have strong power to drastically change the game environment and strategy!

Total of 14 + 1 Types!

  • Ultra Rare - 1 Type
  • Normal - 12 Types
  • Rare - 2 Types

Starter Deck Contains:
1x 41-Card Deck.
1x Paper Playmat
1x Rule Sheet