Build Divide TCG - [BT-07] A New Reunion Booster Box



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Pre-Order Deadline: 17th September 2022.
Release Date:
 4th November 2022.

Manufactured by: Aniplex.
Text Language: Japanese.

  • Build Divide Stage 2 Begins! Introducing 4 new colors! 4 new dual colors of black-blue, blue-white, white-red, and black-red appear!

  • Dual-color cards can be used as energy for either of the two colors, and are characterized by their unique characteristics!

  • Significantly changes the game, expands the deck construction strategy plans!

  • The second Ace with [Same Title] finally joins the battle!

  • Popular characters [Aiola] and [Melissa] have a second new Ace card!

  • In the tie-up series, you can also release past territory cards with the same title Ace familiar.

  • Increasing the demand not only for new decks but also for past decks!

  • New specification of high rarity card & new rarity appearance!

  • [Divide Rare] is a fan-coveted piece with a newly drawn illustration by popular artist toi8 and a copy of signature foil by popular voice actor Atsumi Tanezaki!

  • In addition, 8 types of [Premier Territory Cards] that will be released for the first time from this bullet will be included in the pack!!! The Premier Territory Card is a secret specification of the enclosed territory card.

  • Adopt a new frame for all card types!

  • New card frame from this bullet! By boldly removing the frame on the top and both sides, the illustration is displayed larger, greatly improving the appearance and appeal of the card!

Total of 96 + 125 Card Types!

  • Ultra Rare - 6 Types
  • Super Rare - 10 Types
  • Rare - 28 Types
  • Normal - 52 Types
  • Parallel Rare - 111 Types
  • Divide Rare (Sign Card) - 1 Type
  • Premier Territory - 8 Types
  • Secret Rare - 5 Types
  • Promo Card (Box Topper) - 2 Types

*Order 20 Booster Boxes for a sealed carton.

Booster Box Contains:
16x Booster Packs.
7x Cards in 1 Pack.
1x Random Promo Card (Box Topper)