BS58-X06 The Divine Princess of Victory, Durga

Game Academia


Name: The Divine Princess of Victory, Durga​

Family: Subjugator/Avatar/Hunter Beast

If this card is sent to your Trash by your yellow Mirage effects, you can summon it as cost 4.

[LV1][LV2][LV3](When this Spirit attacks)
During this turn, 1 opposing Spirit/Ultimate cannot block. If you have a yellow Mirage set, this effect's written [+1] becomes [+3].

[LV2][LV3][Release:3](When this Spirit attacks)
Return 1 yellow Magic card in your Trash back to your hand. After that, by sending 3 cores from your yellow GranWalker Nexus to this Spirit, this Spirit's symbol is fixed at 3 yellow symbols.

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