BS58-X01 The Sun Astral Dragon, Drag=Soleil

Game Academia


Name: The Sun Astral Dragon, Drag=Soleil

Family: Subjugator/Astral Dragon

{Mirage} Cost 4(RRE)(This card can be set from your hand)
[While Set](During your Attack Step)
When your red/green Spirits from the family: [Subjugator] is blocked, at the end of the battle, for each symbol on that Spirit, you may send 1 core from your opponent's Life to the Reserve.

[LV1][LV2][LV3](When this Spirit is summoned/attacks)
You can destroy 1 opposing Spirit/Ultimate of BP12000 or lower.
[Rush: Condition (Green symbol)]
(When you control green symbols, activate the following effects)
(E): You may add 1 core from the Void to your Spirit.

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