BS57-TCP10 (A) Set-Past // (B) Set-Future

Game Academia



Name: Set-Past

Family: Origin/Subjugator/Beast Head

[Summon Condition: Your Life 2 or more]

This card's name is also treated as: [GranWalker Set], this card/Ultimate's symbol and reduction symbols is also treated as blue.

[LV3][LV4](Rebirth)[When you have 5 counters or less (Rebirth cannot be used at the same time)]
When your opponent's Life is reduced or if this Ultimate leaves your Field through your Opponent, you may flip this Ultimate (Send all the cores here to the Reserve).

[LV4](When this Ultimate attacks)
Destroy 1 opposing Spirit of the lowest cost. 


Name: Set-Future

Family: GranWalker/Origin/Unknown

When this side is flipped up, it remains on the Field and your counter is +1 (Add 1 core from the Void to your Counter Area)

This Nexus is unaffected except by effects that target a GranWalker Nexus. Cores can only be placed on this Nexus by effects from <Core Charge> and or effects that target a GranWalker Nexus. Cores cannot be moved except by effects that target a GranWalker Nexus.

<Core Charge>[Blue][Blue & Ultimate][Core Charge through Summons/Descends once per turn]
*When you summon/descend the listed Spirit/Ultimate, you may add 1 core from the Void to this Nexus.
*When this side is flipped over, if there no other GranWalker Nexus with the same name, you may send the top 3 cards of your deck to your Trash. For each listed card, send 1 core from the Void to this Nexus.

This Nexus's symbol is also treated as Ultimate.

[LV1][LV2](When this Nexus rebirths)
Ignoring the Brave's cost, destroy 1 opposing Spirit/Ultimate of cost 9 or less.

[GranField][LV2](During your Attack Step)
When your Spirit/Ultimate from the family: [Beast Head] attacks, by sending 3 cores from the Nexus to the Void, return 1 card in your opponent's Trash to the top of the deck. 

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