BS52-CP08 CP Evil Spear of Balance, Libra Javelin

Game Academia


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Evil Spear of Balance, Libra Javelin

Family: Saga/Soul Armament/Galaxian

[Brave Condition: Galaxin/Artificial Soldier & Cost 5 or higher]
[When Braved with Spirit](When this Spirit Attacks)
Discard the top card of your opponent's Deck. and if it is a Spirit card/Ultimate card, during this battle, your opponent cannot use card(s) in their Hand.

[Brave Condition:Blue & GranWalker Nexus]
[When Braved with Nexus][GranField]
All card(s) in your opponent's Trash is unaffected by any other effect(s) except this one and its' effect(s) cannot be used.

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