BS52-CP06 CP Magical Twins Sword, Geminives

Game Academia


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Magical Twins Sword, Geminives

Family: Saga/Soul Armament

[Brave Condition: Cost 5 or higher]
[When Braved with Spirit](When this Spirit Attacks)
You can discard 1 card from the family: [Dark Artes] from your Hand. If you done so, send 1 opposing Spirit of LV1/LV2 to the bottom of the deck.

[Brave Condition:Yellow & GranWalker Nexus]
[When Braved with Nexus][GranField](During your Main Step)
Once per turn, when you summon Spirit(s), you can reveal the top card of your deck. if that is a card from the family: [Dark Artes], add it to your Hand. Discard the remaining card(s).

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