Battle Spirits TCG - [SD-63] Resonance of the Light Bearers Mega Deck



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Pre-Order Deadline: 7th January 2022.
Release Date: 26th March 2022.

Manufactured by: Bandai.
Text Language: Japanese.

20+3 Card Types Inlcude:

  • 4 X-Rare
  • 3 M-Rare
  • 2 Rare
  • 8 Commons
  • 3 Tensei X-Rare
  • 3 Campaign Card
  • Featuring the Mega Deck with the main character [Gallet Revolt] and his rival [Varte Parx] from the latest anime [Battle Spirits Mirage]!
  • Featuring new rebirth X rare cards used in the anime and anime related campaign promotional card!
  • Additionally the reprint of a current strong card is here to support your battles!

    Starter Deck Contains:
    1x 40-Card Deck.
    6x Additional Cards
    30x Cores
    1x Soul Core
    1x Play Sheet
    8x Awakening Checklist Card
    1x Set of 50 Mini Card Sleeves