Battle Spirits TCG - [SD-61] Silver's Memory Starter Deck



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Pre-Order Deadline: 16th March 2021.
Release Date: 30th October 2021.

Manufactured by: Bandai.
Text Language: Japanese.

16 Card Types Inlcude:

  • 1 X-Rare
  • 3 M-Rare
  • 3 Rare
  • 8 Commons
  • 1 Tensei X-Rare
  • 1 Campaign Card
  • A new deck based on the brand new character [Momose Yuki] in the new anime [Battle Spirits Mirage]! 
  • Apart from the cards from the anime, there will also be a promotion GranWalker card with alternative art!
  • Also, the deck will also include the highly used [BS52-RV007 The Chosen Explorer, Alex]!

Starter Deck Contains:
1x 40-Card Deck.
2x Additional Cards
30x Cores
1x Soul Core
1x Play Sheet
2x Awakening Checklist Card