Battle Spirits TCG - [SD-55] Book of Awakening Starter Deck




Pre-Order Deadline: 6th February 2020
Release Date: 11th April 2020

Manufactured by: Bandai.
Text Language: Japanese.

  • A new gimmick [Reincarnation] appears on the deck to play at the fastest speed!
  • Includes "Senkai God Nexus", which is indispensable to the battle field of the Reincarnation Edition released after April!
  • This is an indispensable deck full of staples, which will be in demand not only at the time of release but also after that!

16 Card Types Inlcude:

  • 1 X-Rare
  • 1 M-Rare
  • 1 Rare
  • 10 Commons
  • 1 Rejuvenated X-Rare
  • 2 Rejuvenated Rare
  • 1 Replacement Card

30 Common, 24 Rare, 8 Master Rare, 6 X Rare, 1 XX Rare, 5 Campaign

Starter Deck Contains:
1x 40-Card Deck.
2x Additional Cards
30x Cores
1x Soul Core
1x Play Sheet
1x Wrestling List Card