Battle Spirits TCG - [SD-46] The Scorching God King Mega Deck



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Manufactured by: Bandai.
Text Language: Japanese.

Mega Deck Contains:
1x 40-Card Deck.
5x Extra Cards
2x Campaign Cards
50x Exclusive Card Sleeves
30x Cores
1x Soul Core
1x Play Sheet

Card No. Card Name Rarity Cards
NEWSD46-001 Thunder Z Puma C 3
NEWSD46-002 Thunder Z Gibbon C 2
NEWSD46-003 Thunder Z Grizzly C 2
NEWSD46-004 Thunder Z Hippogriff C 2
NEWSD46-005 The Ninth Lightning Tri Horse God, Byerley Turk Z M 2
NEWSD46-006 Steel Thunder Knight, Lycospilos C 2
NEWSD46-007 Steel Thunder Knight, Tigrigolewas R 2
BS37-005 The NinthBeast Acceledge C 2
BS37-041 The SixthArtifact Sheperdoll C 3
BS37-042 The SixthArtifactBeastman Blockade-Tiger R 2
BS38-031 Battle Princess Scarlet Flame Brynhild M 2
BS39-028 The Second Mechanic Shield Polar Bear C 2
SD33-001 Koleon C 2
LM16-01 The ThirdArmored Beast, Revol-Koleon C 2
BS38-RV022 The GunDragon Phoenix-Cannon R 2
BS38-CP01 Super Flame Demon God X 2
NEWSD46-X01 The Azure Lightning God King, Blitz Tiger Z X 2
NEWSD46-X02 The Red Lightning God King, Revol Tiger Z X 2
NEWSD46-X03 Steel Thunder King, Iglidios X 2
Extra Cards
Card No. Card Name Rarity Cards
BS38-X01 The Seventh White Emperor Expardo X 2
BS36-X04 The SixthArtifactMecha Mammo-Aegis X 2
BSC25-X04 Flame Demon-God X 1
Campaign Cards
Card No. Card Name Rarity Cards
NEWSD46-CP01 Mogami Shunta CP 2