Battle Spirits TCG - [BS-59] True Rebirth Saga Vol.4: Ragnarok Moment Booster Box



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Pre-Order Deadline: 28th December 2021.
Release Date: 29th January 2022.

Manufactured by: Bandai.
Text Language: Japanese.

Total of 107 Card Types!

  • 45 Common
  • 15 Rare
  • 12 Master Rare
  • 9 X Rare
  • 2 XX Rare
  • 12 Tensei Rare
  • 3 Tensei-X Rare
  • 9 Campaign Cards
  • Includes cards from the family [Galaxian]! Is [Galaxian] deck getting a new life!
  • Additionally, the appearance of [GranWalker Chronos] is finally here!
  • The return of [Time Crown] deck! Apart from the 12 scared sword campaign promotion, there will be the revival of popular Spirit cards that appeared in [Battle Spirits Sword Eyes]!

*Order 16 Booster Boxes for a sealed carton.

Booster Box Contains:

16x Booster Packs.
9x Cards in 1 Pack.