Battle Spirits TCG - [BS-52] The Rebirth Saga Vol.1: The Returner Booster Box



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Pre-Order Deadline: 13th February 2020.
Release Date: 25th April 2020.

Manufactured by: Bandai.
Text Language: Japanese.

  • New gimmick [Tenki] has appeared as a new rarity "Tenki Rare"!
  • All six colors are included! "Sokai God Nexus" continues recording!
  • Revival card that remakes popular spirit in the past is also included!
  • The popular character Alex is included in the revival print and will continue to be the main character in the background!
  • Orin 12 God Reincarnation Campaign!
  • 3 bullets in each [Reincarnation] card included!
  • The first time in Battle Spirits! Double-sided card gimmick [Transition]!
  • Turn over the card and [Injury]!
  • Incarnation card changes the battlefield completely!

*Order 16 Booster Boxes for a sealed carton.

Booster Box Contains:

16x Booster Packs.
1x CP Rare Box Topper Card
9x Cards in 1 Pack.