Battle Spirits TCG - Limited Card Set 2019



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Manufactured by: Bandai.
Text Language: Japanese.

12 Cards Designs [6 new/6 reprinted with alt art]

1 Full Set Containing the following:

New Card List
3 X The SupernovaDragonBlade Siegwurm Sword
3 X The MakaiScythe Beelzebeat Scythe
3 X The BladeKingBeastClaws Byak-Gaclaw
3 X The WingDeityGun Grand Woden BlaGame Academia Singaporester
3 X The AngelicHolySpear Isfielance
3 X The EmperorGrandSpear Alexander Spear

RePrinted Card List
3 X Sagittarius Draw
3 X Roaring Flame of Kusanagi
3 X Heroes' Claws
3 X Dream Beam
3 X The SengokuSixGeneral Mudou
1 X The Hellsoil FourDemonLord Magnamiser