Gatz Points FAQ

Ever noticed the Loyalty Program pop-up while browsing our website?

Gatz Points is Game Academia's point reward system that awards points to shoppers who complete their purchases in our website. All you have to do is sign-up for an account and start shopping with us!

For every $1 you spend in Game Academia's website, you will receive 10 Gatz! Furthermore, if a discount code is already applied to the order, you will still receive Gatz based on the original product cost before any applied discount!

Do note that Gatz cannot be transferred to another account or exchanged for Cash. Use your Gatz to redeem discount codes in our website to offset your order amount. Do note the requirements of discount codes must meet your order criteria, which is specified in the code redemption name.

Redeemed discount codes can be used at our check-out page. If you are using our Mobile version to check-out your order, the Discount Code text box will appear a step before payment processing. 

There are other ways to obtain Gatz as well, from sharing our website in your social media to referring your friends to support us!


There are also other features of accumulating Gatz in our website. Exclusive products and special gift items can only be attained by redeeming Gatz in our website.