Exodus TCG - Organized Play

What is Organized Play?

As of February 1, 2018, Exodus TCG Organized Play was officially launched.

The Exodus TCG Organized Play program sets the stage for players of all skill levels to prove themselves, to test their abilities against others and to earn amazing prizes while making a lasting impact on the game itself.

Worldwide rankings provide a ladder to prestigious titles and lead to ultimate victory for those competitive enough to earn it. Players can register to create their own account and receive a unique ID number that they can use to play in officially sanctioned tournaments here. Competition, redeemable rewards, and potential invitations to major tournaments every year add a ton of value for players, not to mention connecting them with other people who share a passion for their game! Organized Play also creates extra value (and revenue) for game stores, those incredible retailers who open their space for you to play each week. It all starts at the local level and builds up to larger invite-only events with exclusive prizes only obtainable through Exodus TCG Organized Play!

How does Organized Play work for me?

Systems are in place to help facilitate ease-of-access for players and a streamlined, easy-to-use event submission process for Tournament Organizers (TOs). Every detail is carefully monitored by Existence Games throughout each Season to catch and prevent cheating, and to promote fairness in every aspect of the competitive scene.

Existence Games understands that you can't always be playing the game constantly, and that's why they want to be inclusive even of those who don't necessarily have the time or money to commit to traveling and playing in lots of events. You get at least 1 point just for participating in any given event, even if you finish dead-last! Of course, players who commit to playing in as many events as possible greatly increase their chances of earning those invites and winning the big prizes. With Season Ranks that reset each Season (year) and Lifetime Ranks that build over time, there is truly something for everyone. Existence Games hopes you'll join us on this exciting journey to shape the Exodus TCG community! What are you waiting for? Get your local store on board, sign-up for free, and start playing now!

What is Guild Wars?

Existence Games strives to make an interactive Organized Play experience unlike anything seen before in the industry; storyline comes alive with 'Guild Wars', the kinds of decks that top at tournaments affect the Guilds' influences over the current Season in real-time!

Player's choices also affect the direction of the game's lore, they can get Drifter artwork illustrated in their likeness by an official Exodus artist, and can even earn a spot in the game's history being written into the storyline as a character!