Exodus TCG Lore


"Years ago, swirling whirlpools of colour began appearing across the world. These mysterious portals, shortcuts from one place to the next, led people to a new world of Eeventide. This new planet in another dimension, previously devoid of life, welcomed sentient beings. 

The natural order of things was different; a phenomenon known as the Thoughtstream, a colourful sky river that seemed to be a mix of Aurora Borealis and thick, bright smoke loomed overhead along with limitless stars and galaxy nebula. It tethered humans to the planet by some unseen force. 

An alien metal made of a strange magical compound bonded itself to each and every person's arm who crossed through the portals, covering their shoulders all the way to their fingertips. These mechanical arm contraptions came to be known as Helvers. Humans with these Helvers attached to them are known as Drifters. They acquired the power to levitate and drift freely across Eeventide's many landscapes. Most of them even learned to fly. The new laws of physics or lack thereof allowed the Drifters to forge cards from Stardust; cards that would allow them to summon massive creatures to battle!"

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Each Guild in the world of Exodus has their own unique specialty and focused deck builds. Which side will you lean on supporting, Drifter?