Exodus TCG's Existence Games

About the creators of Exodus TCG - Existence Games

Jake and Lexi Medina are a brother-sister team who grew up playing dozens of TCGs and CCGs both competitively and casually. In 2012, together they co-founded Existence Games to publish the Exodus TCG after a hugely positive reception for the game at their local game stores and conventions.

"It's been our dream come true to bring to market a TCG that doesn't have evil undertones, is free of banlist, rotation, reprints and all those things these types of games would normally require. We designed Exodus TCG from the ground up with this in mind instead of in-hindsight. With mechanics that affect Rarity (year, we went there!), full Art on every card and an average game time of only 5-10 minutes, we hope everyone of every age and skill level will play or collect the game!"

History of Exodus TCG

Existence Games, the team of two, spent about a year designing the game in 2011 before releasing the First Edition Starter Decks during a limited print run of only a couple hundred copies of the game to test their concept in the market in 2012. 

Those decks quickly sold out and they reinvested the profits back into the game to print the Second Edition. Existence Games traveled the West Coast of America, conducting Demo Sessions and selling Exodus TCG at conventions until they sold out and concluded their "Soft Launch" phase.

In the late 2014 to 2015, Existence Games acquired national distribution for the Exodus TCG and made the "Full Launch" available to game stores everywhere! On a new, premium card stock and with Foils for the first time, Premiere Edition decks were released alongside the 1st booster pack expansion: Galaxy Tides! Following this, Set 3: Crystal Forge Competitive Decks were released in 2017 and Set 4: Converging Chasms Booster was released in 2018. 

Design Perspective:

Exodus creatures don't have any printed numbers on them, but rather you choose how strong to make your creatures upon summoning them based on Energy. You can then fluctuate your creature's energy throughout the game using card effects! Creatures also differ by Type & Rarity, both of which are affected during gameplay. Most creatures Rare and above also have an Ability and many cards that affect lower Rarity creatures to bring them up to the power level of Rares!

The game won't have "Power Creep" but rather will introduce an endless amount of exciting new effects and themes while still remaining profitable for everyone involved. "How?" you might ask. Existence Games already has design journals full of plans for the next 8 expansion sets, but they also listen to all retailers and player feedback along the way. "But what if you make a mistake and a card is too overpowered?!" Existence Games are VERY careful with their game design, but if they do make a mistake, they've got that covered too. However to give away that answer would be to give away a trade secret, so you'll just have to trust them. Once you've played the game for yourself, their design decisions and the way they structure their sets will suddenly make a lot of sense!

Game Academia & Existence Games

When we were approached by Existence Games to distribute Exodus TCG, we were skeptical about the longevity of Exodus TCG's No Banlist, No Rotation and No Reprint with only 1 set release a year's card game. We did some research online and watched Existence Games' gameplay videos on YouTube especially some reviews on the game as well. Knowing that we cannot define the full extent on the game without even giving it a try, we decided to give Exodus TCG a try by requesting a few Demo Decks to explore the game further with our friends and veteran card players.

To our delight, the game was exactly as described; simple, easy to learn and a gameplay of only 5-10 minutes. We discovered some flaws in the game and collected alot of feedback and presented them to Existence Games. Jake & Lexi replied professionally with answers to each an every question and enlightened us regarding issues we had that the game may face very clearly. It shows how much they know about this industry and a clear goal they have in mind to make Exodus TCG a success.

Following their response, we tried playing the game again with our friends. Soon we brought in Booster Sets, Starter Decks and Competitive Decks, mixed them all together and a simple game turned crazy competitive in an instant! Deck Building skills are put to challenge and a short game that should last for 10 minutes dragged on to 30--even 45 minutes! We discovered that Exodus TCG has endless possibilities and is highly dependent on the timing you choose to play certain cards which in turn, creates a whole new depth of strategy.

Upon speaking with TOG and making a deal with them for a timed exclusivity, we ran Demo Sessions on every Saturday for 3 months. The response was always the same: "This game is too easy". "What no Rotation? The game will be boring". -- This was when they were just learning the game through Starter Decks, which are easy to learn the basics of the game. When we gave the new players an advanced deck forged by ourselves from a mix of boosters, their eyes grew big and they also saw what we saw -- endless depth of competitive play. These players soon gained interest in Exodus TCG and started asking questions on the type of deck builds there are and where they can purchase the game from. Now we have fellow South-East Asian Drifters coming into Eeventide, starting with Singapore!

Game Academia is proud to be the exclusive official distributor for Exodus TCG appointed by Existence Games in South-East Asian regions. Being on the same wavelength as Existence Games, we are here to spread Exodus TCG in full confidence!